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Enjoy the Rich Flavors of Jamaica

Imagine: you've just landed on a breathtaking, stunningly beautiful island. As you walk, your feet sink into the feathery sand, your eyes are attached to the divine land of water, and suddenly, you realize, you have finally reached paradise. Receive the opportunity to experience that exact encounter when you feast on our deliciously, appetizing dishes and desserts that embody Caribbean spice. As a deluxe catering service company located in Potomac, MD, we specialize in the most authentic Jamaican-gourmet cuisine guaranteed to take you to paradise.

Furthering our options, we also offer vegan and vegetarian dishes for those on plant-based eating regimens; we want to ensure everyone has the opportunity to experience our foods. Anyone looking to taste the unique flavors of Jamaica can rest assured that we’ll cook up the most exquisite dishes to satisfy almost every food desire!

About Taste of Paradise

We have more than 10 years of experience in the catering industry. Our goal is to establish a larger client base, build meaningful, loyal customer relationships and be your top food source.

We aspire to provide a unique culinary experience where people of all backgrounds, cultures, and ages can learn and feel the warm Caribbean presence through our uniquely crafted dishes.

What Makes Us Unique

We prepare our dishes usi​ng the finest, high-end Jamaican spices and products. Our ability to intertwine vegan and vegetarian options truly sets us apart because after all, it's not often you see a Jamaican food service offer island seasoned tofu.

Transforming Lives and Nurturing the Community

Our mission is to touch the lives of our clients through our interactions by allowing them the opportunity to experience the love that goes into each dish. By focusing on offering broad food options, we make our duty also to satisfy various preferences and palates.

Our objective is not just to increase our sales and profit, but also to give back to the community by partnering with numerous homeless shelters and community organizations in an initiative to help those less fortunate and deprived of food.

We want our business to continue to meet the obligations of corporate social responsibility by playing a key role in helping those in need.

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A Message From Our Owner

I make it my duty to meet the needs of plant-based eaters since my husband is a vegan and I am a Pescatarian. I apply dedication and time into every meal I prepare, which can be tasted from the first bite until the end.

I have even grilled jerk chicken in the middle of a snowstorm to meet the need of a client and ensure the meal was well made. Although our​s is an island-themed food company, I love the elegant and subtle vibe it offers, which adds value and is not typically seen in other Jamaican restaurants.

My food will be the transportation to experience the Caribbean feel. The focus on vegan and vegetarian dishes is another point of differentiation that enhances value through meeting the needs of plant-based eaters.

I am also selling a Caribbean experience (the Taste that takes you to Paradise), but one that differs from the usual; I want customers to feel as if they’re experiencing a luxurious Caribbean getaway. Customers have often explained how eating my dishes evoked a Jamaican feel that lingered.

I also see tropical associations from the different assortment of peppers and spices I use. It really brings me to the nearest beach in Negril.

- Lesa Morris

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What We Offer